How to get rid of back acne?

We are able to find plenty of information about treating facial acne. Many of us know how to treat facial acne. However, some of us experience acne on our back as well. In fact, getting acne on your back is pretty normal. If you do have back acne, don’t get panicked; you are not the only one to have back acne. The truth, however, is treating back acne can be difficult compared to treating facial acne. 

Many individuals, including athletes, tend to have the regular appearance of back acne. That is specifically because sweat is one of the two major causes of acne. It is true that athletes work out a lot and therefore, they sweat a lot. One of the most common end results is back acne. The next contributing factor to acne is none other than tight-fitting clothing. 

If you are an athlete and you tend to wear tight clothes a lot, chances are that you'll experience some back acne on a regular basis.  Also, many individuals believe that it has a hereditary element too. Well, it can relate to a hormonal issue as well. 

In reality, it can be difficult for an individual to get rid of back acne completely. There are several things you are supposed to do to reduce the severity of acne and experience some sort of comfort. 

One of the most obvious steps to reduce acne is to take showers whenever you get really sweaty. Even if you shower multiple times, that doesn't matter. When you take a shower, you are supposed to use a good back scrubber as well. Use a gentle back scrubber and scrub gently to exfoliate dead skin and external oil substances. Be sure that you do it in a gentle manner. 

You should also consider using loose clothing instead of too tight ones. Also, you should choose clothes made out of breathable materials and experience less sweating. If you sweat excessively, you are supposed to change your shirt a couple of times during the day. That will prevent the clogging of bacteria and sweat dirt on your skin. 

After a shower, you can use a gentle, unscented baby powder on the back. That will help to stop excessive sweat and keep the skin dry. If you want, you can even use an antiperspirant. However, if you sweat a lot, that may end up causing adverse effects. 

When it comes to clothing, cotton is probably the best material to choose if you sweat. Cotton is a breathable and comfortable material. Also, you should wash your clothes every day after wearing them. Do not wear dirty clothes you have worn the previous day regardless of how much you like them. 

For some individuals, a mixture of tea tree oil along with lye soap can reduce acne. That will control the oils in your back and soften your skin. On top of that, you should not sleep on a waterbed if you have acne. So, have those things in your mind if you want to find some relief from annoying back acne.