Taking care of your tapestry

Buying an elegant tapestry has become so convenient these days thanks to the availability of online stores. After buying a tapestry, you should pay attention to some important aspects when cleaning it. When it comes to decorative items like tapestries, it is important to have proper care and cleaning so they will last long with their original appearance. 

If you have already bought or planning to buy new tapestries, the points mentioned below can be handy for you. 

Tip #01

The very first tip is to hang the tapestry in the correct manner. As a result of proper hanging, tapestries will have evenly distributed weight. There are different types of hanging techniques and rod-in-pocket and Velcro are some of those methods specifically for cloth-based tapestries. When you hang the article, you should consider the following. 

  • Some tapestries may have backing fabric along with a rod pocket pre-sewn.
  • If needed, you can add extra pockets, backing, or Velcro to the tapestry. 
  • If you try to do it yourself, never use sticky Velcro the adhesives can damage your tapestry. 
  • Never cut the corners of old tapestries that are vulnerable. 
  • If there is more humidity in your house, hang the tapestries slightly away from the wall so you can prevent mold. 
  • Keep the tapestry away from direct sunlight. 
  • Always follow the guidelines provided by the seller when handling the tapestry. 

Tip #02

It is important to clean the tapestries on a regular basis using proper techniques. To do that, you should remove the dust by vacuuming them using the drapery attachment. This should be done at least twice a year. However, if you live in dusty areas or have pets at home, it is required to vacuum the article every other week. If you remove dust regularly, that is the best way to keep bigger pieces of dirt from clogging to the article. Never wait until your tapestry shows some dusty appearance. All you need is to clean before it appears dirty. 

Tip #03

When it comes to deeper cleaning of tapestries, that can be a relatively tedious task. If you have a new or relatively new article, you may have to reach the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning it. If not, you shouldn’t deep clean a tapestry without the consent of a professional. Did you know that certain materials used to make tapestries can be ruined by plain water? So, know the good old rule: “one stain is always easier to treat than two are”. Be sure that you avoid thorough or deep cleaning with harsh chemicals. The best you can do to remove a stain is to use a white cotton cloth. 

That’s basically it. 

Be sure to keep your tapestry in its perfect condition with proper hanging and cleaning techniques. Even if you have just bought it, adhere to the above instructions properly. As long as you take care of it properly, it will last longer than the original appearance.